Parnassus The student news site of Delphi Community High School. Fri, 04 Oct 2019 18:53:45 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Hong Kong’s fight against tyranny Fri, 04 Oct 2019 14:45:16 +0000 Massive crowds march along the urban streets. Banners wave overhead, calling for “freedom and democracy.” Police and riot officers stand in opposition to the protests, donning heavy-duty gear and weaponry. The city almost looks like a warzone, like something out of a movie, but it’s real. This is what the state of Hong Kong is today, and has been since early June: it’s a fight against tyranny.

During the early months of 2019, government officials in Hong Kong introduced a bill that would essentially allow people accused of crimes in Hong Kong to be extradited in countries that Hong Kong did not have extradition treaties. Opposition blew up almost immediately after this bill was introduced, due to one simple fact: individuals could be targeted by enemy nations, specifically, Communist-controlled China, Hong Kong’s political and social nemesis.

This immense tension between the common people and their government officials is only furthered by the fact that the chief executive of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, was appointed to her powerful position by a committee that is pro-China.

These protests have only grown in strength and numbers over the past two months, largely due to support from foreign nations, and to the incredibly harsh responses the protesters have received from police. Despite the vast majority of the demonstrations being peaceful, police and riot teams attack and arrest the protesters; many of these officers also belong to pro-China and pro-Beijing groups. Furthermore, these officers have been recorded attacking tourists and people who have nothing to do with the protests, all to increase their power over the city. These corrupt government workers have even been witnessed arresting or preventing first-aiders from helping people who have been injured in the clashes.


All in all, the general public of the world needs to keep their eyes on the developments in Hong Kong. The people of Hong Kong are beginning to “wake up” and realize how tyrannical government can be when their powers are questioned. We must come together to support this movement for freedom in liberty, and use it to inspire us to remember to protect our own civil liberties.


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Oracle Overview – Volume 2.3 Wed, 02 Oct 2019 14:10:23 +0000 Oracle Overview is a biweekly update from the entire Parnassus staff. It showcases what is happening in the school, from clubs to teachers, and academics to art.

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DCSC appoints Ronk as interim superintendent Thu, 26 Sep 2019 15:02:36 +0000 Until further notice, DCSC is without a full-time superintendent and has hired retired former Rochester superintendent Mr. Dan Ronk to cover for the corporation while details are being arranged. 

Ronk, who was appointed as interim superintendent on Aug. 26, has prior experience in Carroll County. Ronk used to be a social studies teacher at Carroll High School, just 10-plus miles down the road from DCHS. After 20 years of serving as a teacher there, Ronk made his move up into the administration, becoming assistant principal for 3 years and principal for 14 years. “At that point, I think I was just ready for a bigger challenge,” said Ronk. “I had already faced all I was going to as a teacher, and so I wanted that new experience for myself.”
After those 17 years, Ronk then moved to Rochester School Corporation to be principal. Six years later, he was made superintendent. “I think you need to keep on challenging yourself,” Ronk said, reminiscing on his years at Rocherster. “Being eager to step up for the challenge really shows a lot of growth.”

Ronk did end up retiring after five years, primarily to be able to spend more time with his children and grandchildren. “My daughter has lived in places like Italy and Guam, and so I felt like it was just time so I could be able to visit with her and her family more often.” A couple of weeks ago, though, Mr. Ronk got a call asking him to step back into an administrative role, at least for a little while.

Coming into DCSC, Ronk’s main goal will be primarily to stabilize Delphi financially and make sure it is in a good place when it comes time for a permanent superintendent. “Right now, it’s simply a case of just not knowing where we stand in this,” replied Ronk. “And it’s not really just a case of knowing where we’re at—I want the community to understand the circumstances and help to figure out where we can go from there.” 

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How to spot a toxic friendship Wed, 25 Sep 2019 18:46:27 +0000 Toxic friendships are no joke. Toxic friends lull their peers into a false sense of trust, allowing the toxic friend to create a safety net for themselves on the back of their so-called friends. Some do this intentionally; others, however, do not realize that what they are doing is wrong. How does one tell if they are in a toxic friendship or are a toxic friend? According to Women’s Health magazine, there are signs to look for to help determine if a friendship is toxic. 

  1. “You’re giving more than you’re getting.”

Your friend is constantly asking of you but never returns the favor. Say your friend constantly asks you to help them with their homework or give them answers, but when you ask for help for an assignment they deny you. Or if you buy your friend an extra at lunch, but they won’t pay you back. This can be seen as toxic.

  1. “You no longer trust them.”

When you are unable to count on your friend, then there is no trust in that friendship. Relationships are built on trust. In some cases, breaking trust is okay. For instance, telling an adult about a dangerous situation when a friend asked you not to would be considered a valid reason to break trust. However, extensive trust breaking is a sign of toxicity in the friendship.

  1. “You don’t like yourself around them.”

If you feel bad while hanging out with them, it is probably a toxic relationship. If a friend tends to have you do things or say things that go against your morals, or make you feel awful while doing these things, that is a strong warning sign. It shows how their toxicity is spreading to you, which is never good.

What to do if you are in a toxic friendship.

If you find that you are in a toxic friendship, you should end it. However, ending a toxic friendship can be very difficult. Luckily Women’s Health magazine has answers to that, too. They recommend you talk to your friend confidently and don’t argue. Keep your mind set on the decision to end your friendship. You don’t need to be rude and disrespectful, but you may need to be blunt. 

For a more detailed list and more ways to break off a toxic friendship, check out the link to Women’s Health magazine below.

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Hurricane Dorian’s upheaval far from over Wed, 25 Sep 2019 14:00:31 +0000 On Sept. 1, 2019, Hurricane Dorian made landfall on Abaco, an island in the Bahamas. With maximum wind speeds of 185 miles per hour, the island was completely devastated. Not long after, the Grand Bahama island was hit as well. The two northern islands both sustained catastrophic amounts of damage. As Hurricane Dorian is the strongest hurricane to ever hit the Bahamas, their road to recovery is bound to be a long one.

Hurricane Dorian was the most powerful hurricane to ever hit the Bahamas. So far, 51 people have been confirmed dead. Emergency agencies have estimated that the death toll will be around 300 after the debris is cleared. On top of that, there are also over 1,200 people still missing. Volunteer firefighters and police officers are still, two weeks later, using dogs to search the debris for people. With another storm coming, there is a chance that not all of the lost will be found for a while.

On average, the tourism industry in the Bahamas makes around $3 billion. The two islands that were hit were two of the most visited in the island chain. While most of the islands and ports are undamaged, the news just says the Bahamas are devastated, failing to mention that most areas are still open for business. Due to this, the average tourism profit is estimated to drop by half. The 698 less affected islands are also being swarmed with thousands of refugees from the devastated islands. These islands, which are going through financial strains themselves, are having to help the survivors. The government, which recently spent $4 million on hurricane relief, is trying to help the victims.

Since the hurricane, people have donated so much to the people. The Red Cross has been volunteering and donating supplies to the people on both of the islands. Over 70 GoFundMe pages have been created to support the islanders. On top of that, many professional basketball players, such as Michael Jordan, Buddy Hield, and Jonquel Jones have pledged to donate food and money to the citizens. There are also many businesses, including Disney, who are donating clothes, food, and money. However, according to the Prime Minister, money is not the most important thing. “It’s rebuilding something that was there; we have to start again.”

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Area 51: From viral to Vegas Wed, 25 Sep 2019 13:58:40 +0000 Soon after the iconic “Storming Area 51” post by Matty Roberts went viral on Facebook on Aug. 10, 2019 at 10:28 p.m,. people started taking this post seriously. This joke was taken farther than any one of us could have imagined. People were setting up times to actually storm Area 51. The government frowned upon 2 million people storming Area 51 and worried about the other 1.5 million who were interested in the raid. It is understandable why though: no one really needs to be storming a government facility. 

Area 51 is a remote government facility that has only been confirmed to be a test flight area for The United States Air Force. The government  did not acknowledge that Area 51 existed until the year 2013 when they released that Area 51 was just a facility for test flights. People all around the world have created theories and  conspiracies all revolving around the idea that aliens and alien technology (a.k.a. UFOs) are being held there in secret underground bunkers.  

What ensued was hard to predict. Social media went crazy with more “storming Area 51” memes than we can count, and soon it became evident that many people were foolish enough to actually consider storming the area. “Free the Aliens!”and “I’m gonna get me an alien” has also been a dominant trend in memes and YouTube videos around the world.  The United States Air Force spoke up and strongly advised the public to stay away. In response to the United States Air Force’s warning, the mind behind the original meme decided that he wanted to create Alienstock.

 As Matty Roberts said, “Alienstock is a brand that stands for unity and concern for like-minded people.” That may be true, and this new idea was supposed to be intended for people who were interested in extraterrestrial life. Unfortunately, the first location for Alienstock was not exactly ideal considering that over 100,000 people planned on coming. 

The plan was to have it in Rachel, Nevada the closest town to the secret government site, which has exactly 54 live-in residents. The town only has one hotel and it was already completely booked before the idea of Alienstock was mentioned. It also has very few public restrooms; space and sanitation could have been a big problem if Alienstock was hosted there. Not to mention a town that small may not even have enough supplies or gas for all the people who were wanting to attend Alienstock.

After those main issues were addressed, Matty Roberts realized he was going to need a bigger place to host Alienstock. It will now be hosted at the Downtown Las Vegas Event Center on September 19 at 8 p.m. You have to be 21 years or older to attend the event, and admission is free of charge.

However, even with this new plan for people to go to The Downtown Las Vegas Event Center, people still showed up in Rachel, Nevada, ready for Alienstock and setting up basecamps. The Las Vegas Channel 8 news says that over 2,000 people showed up for Alienstock in Rachel, Nevada. At least five people have already been arrested for attempting to “storm Area 51.” With the festivities still going, what is going to happen by the end? And what do the people of Rachel, Nevada think? One can only imagine.

 Just think about it like this: in 100 years people will look back at these memes and probably have some of the strangest questions. This truly shows that you never know what is going to go viral on the World Wide Web. Even the idea of storming Area 51 can become a worldwide sensation. 

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Soulmates: Do they really exist? Tue, 24 Sep 2019 14:55:22 +0000 I know that most of you have seen at least one Disney princess movie during your lifetime. I also know that the plotline most likely included a woman being swept off her feet by a man and running off into the sunset with him. However, does this type of love actually exist? Are we being taught to worship a connection that is unnatural in the real world? Is there really only one person for all of us? 

For as long as I can remember, I have detested the idea of soulmates. I have always thought of it in this scenario: Imagine you are in the lunch line waiting for a yogurt parfait. You can either choose a strawberry or blueberry parfait. If you choose a strawberry parfait, the person of your dreams will approach you and tell you they also enjoy strawberry parfaits and it will lead to a conversation followed by a lifetime of happiness. If you choose a blueberry parfait, you will forever live alone, completely unaware that if you had chosen differently, you would have met “The One.” I don’t believe that the future is fixed. I believe that the future is constantly changing based on our choices, whether they be as simple as a parfait flavor or whether or not we want to have kids in the future. 

From a different perspective, not all people want to get married. Do their soulmates suffer a lifetime of loneliness and solitude simply because their one true match decided that marriage isn’t for them? I would like to think not. However, if this is true, I believe that it is a great injustice to both parties involved. 

Others might counter that if soulmates don’t exist, what about true love? If “true love” in this context means “perfect love,” I don’t believe in that either. However, I do believe in real love. Real love is messy and at times, complicated. Nothing worth fighting for is ever easy. However, one should never have to struggle for love. It should never take a toll on someone’s physical or mental well-being; that is where I draw the line. Most of these concepts we believe about love and relationships stem from that “Disney” idea that love is perfect and, if you find the right person, effortless. This is simply untrue. For example, ask any married couple about their expectations of marriage versus the reality. In this modern world we have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and houses to heat. Not every aspect of love and relationships is perfect, but that’s what makes it real. 

Overall, I am not hating on love or those who wholeheartedly believe in soulmates. I am simply addressing the reality that life is imperfect and real. The sooner we accept that truth, the sooner we can develop authentic relationships with a foundation of acceptance and open-mindedness rather than fantasy and tradition. 

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Penalties on victimless crimes too harsh Tue, 24 Sep 2019 14:31:57 +0000 A victimless crime is defined on google as, “a legal offense to which all parties consent and no party is injured.” Many crimes fall under the category of victimless crimes, such as vagrancy, prostitution, illegal drug use (marijuana and other substances), gambling, and many other minor offenses. They can also be lower level, such as driving without a seat belt and public nudity. The question persists: where do these offenses cross the line? Do people actually get harmed when these “victimless crimes” take place, and what is the correct punishment for said actions? 

The incarceration rates in America are incredibly high as of right now. claims that roughly 2.3 million people were incarcerated in 2006, and that number is steadily increasing. Our incarceration rate is over five times the rate in Japan, Australia, Canada, and Europe. Is this because we have a bigger population, or quite simply because Americans commit more crimes? The population in Europe is 741.4 million people currently, whereas the United States stands at 327.2 million people. Thus, it must be the difference in our legal process or the crime rates. 

One of the biggest issues that continues to divide the United States today is the war on drugs. This is a failing campaign that is just exacerbating the issue of drugs in America. Nixon started this idea in the early 1970’s and it has been a rolling ball of destruction ever since. With the help of this bill, approximately 4 million individuals are arrested each year for victimless crimes. Around 750,000 people that are incarcerated in the United States are in for victimless crimes. For those who don’t care to do the math, that is around 33% of all people that are in prison today in the U.S.

 What’s crazy to find out is that since the war on drugs began, drug usage by the common masses hasn’t increased, but the incarceration rates have. We’re punishing people for small possessions of substances with capital punishments. We should be punishing the kingpins, and getting to the root of the problem instead of punishing the replaceable pawns in the operation and ruining all chances at life they could ever have. Nixon’s plan has hurt the country and will continue to do so until we change our plan of action and have lesser punishment for minor offenses. While drug offenses account for around half a million people in prison, non-violent drug offenses play a big role in our very own federal prison systems.

provided by
This graph depicts all of the people incarcerated or held at a federal level by the government, and the crime frequency rate out of the total number of people convicted.

The average cost to maintain the well-being of one prisoner in America each day in 2017 was $88.52. Think of all the people currently being held in prisons, and multiply that number by the cost per day. That’s a big number. Now think about this: $40 billion a year goes into the prosecution of victimless crimes and consensual crimes. Yes, they are guilty of committing a crime. Yes, they broke the law. Even so, it’s illogical to spend so much money on trivial cases when we have more important things as a collective to worry about. 

Take prostitution for example: for some people, it’s their livelihood. It is not an occupation to be condoned, but it is the harsh reality of our world. Girls are being prosecuted for selling themselves, when just as many men (if not more) are looking to complete a transaction with them. If the prostitutes are to be hurt or attacked during their time with a customer, they cannot report it without going to jail themselves and typically serving more time than the attacker. This is why many victimless crimes go widely unreported. Many people claim that it is an “occupational hazard” in the prostitution business that can befall anybody in that industry. That is a grotesque form of victim blaming, and in no way is it a sound or viable argument. There is never a time nor a place where that should even be considered an “occupational hazard” under ANY circumstances. Victimless crimes like prostitution may be frowned upon, but to some it’s their only option. We should not be severely punishing the aforementioned people, we should be out trying to help them achieve a better life. 

Another thing: the federal system as a whole is unjust. Here’s an interesting fact for you: crack and cocaine are relatively the same substance, besides the concentration and physical nature. Crack users are at a higher risk of receiving a life sentence than powdered cocaine users. People with lower socioeconomic statuses are more likely to obtain crack than cocaine, because crack is cheaper. Typically racial minorities are a part of lower socioeconomic statuses, targeting people of color predominantly when charging with drug charges. Higher education and higher incomes make people less likely to use crack, and more susceptible to cocaine use. On the bright side, the federal government has taken these disparities into consideration and proposed the Smarter Sentencing Act of 2014. It focused on reducing the populations in federal prisons, and how the insurmountable numbers of people in the system strain the government funding toward said prisons.  The justice system’s racial sentencing disparities are heavily prevalent in today’s world, but hopefully with time that will bring about a newfound change and promote equality for everyone, once and for all. 

For some victimless crimes, the punishments should be less severe, or even nonexistent. This certainly doesn’t go for all victimless crimes, but the ones where it truly is not harming anyone else. Alas, this is where the area begins to grey. The severe criminalization of certain actions can ruin lives forever and stain permanent records forever over minor offenses. People do what they need to to make a living and survive in the harsh world we live in. Our federal court systems and police should focus most of their time and effort into life-endangering and threatening crimes, verses matters that sometimes could be considered trivial. For example, organized crime, murder, and other major offense crimes are in high rates constantly. The time and money going into pursuing victimless crimes and punishing the perpetrators can go into more effective programs, such as rehabilitation and crime prevention. These programs could actually contribute to reducing crimes, instead of needlessly ruining people’s lives. 

All of this is relative, depending on what you classify as a victimless crime. Everyone has a different definition, and there will always be people that disagree. Even if we can’t see eye to eye on this, something simply must change in the government so the United States can start a new chapter. Some of the laws in our governmental system are archaic and corrupt, and this in turn can cause disastrous effects on people and rulings. The incarceration rates in the United States are becoming unmanageable as a whole, and soon we won’t have the resources to pay for it all. It’s time for the United States to take a step in the right direction as a collective and change the system. People are precious, amazing, and unique individuals, and everyone deserves a second chance at a better life.

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Fall sports update Tue, 24 Sep 2019 14:10:06 +0000 Football

The Oracle football team has started the year at a respectable 3-2. After blowing out Benton Central in the home opener and defeating Carroll in the Bacon Bowl, the Oracles have hit a rough patch, going 1-2 while losing to a very good Eastern team and missing the win in a razor thin 36-35 loss to Sheridan. Nevertheless, the Oracles are in good position to finish with a winning record, as their explosive offense, which is averaging 25.2 points per game, should be able to pick apart their remaining schedule, as all the remaining teams have surrendered 40 points or more at least once this season. The Oracles have Senior Night on Oct. 18 against Taylor before playing the first round of sectionals the following week.


Boys’ Tennis

The tennis team has done remarkably well, led by juniors Jaden Long and Kooper Myer. The team is currently 7-4, including road wins against Rossville and Carroll. The second doubles duo of Sam Schimmel and Colt Spangler have been racking up wins, as their only loss came against a highly skilled Twin Lakes team. The team also accomplished the impressive feat of winning the conference this year, going undefeated in conference play. The Oracles finish out the regular season at Benton Central on Thursday before they gear up for sectionals next Wednesday, Oct. 2.



The soccer team’s first season as a co-ed team has been one of development. Though the team is 2-8, they managed to pull out wins at Maconaquah and against Taylor. “We have a very young group,” said senior goalkeeper Ethan Randle. This young core, though inexperienced for this season, will continue to get better and look to improve the team and its record in future years. Meanwhile, Randle has received some personal distinctions: he is the state leader in saves and saves per game, the latter of which he holds a lead of 5.1. 



The Lady Oracles have picked up three wins thus far, taking down Fountain Central, Tri-County, and Tri-Central. Despite starting the season 1-9, the team has shaped up. They have changed their rotation, which paved the way for them to block better, hit the ball harder, and overall work better as a team. The girls have four more games left, including Senior Night on Oct. 8, before they take on the first round of sectionals on Oct. 15.


Girls’ Golf

After narrowly avoiding being cut altogether, the undersized girls’ golf team has made leaps and bounds this season. The team picked up their only win against South Newton, whom they beat on Sept. 5. As for improvement, the girls have seen a severe increase in their ability to drive the ball, which has led to an average decrease of 6 strokes since the beginning of the season for nine holes of play. Sophomores Elyse Perry and Grace O’Neil led the team at the conference meet, both finishing with 118 strokes. Perry also led the team at the sectional meet, finishing with a team best 112 strokes over 18 holes.


Cross Country

The cross country team has seen some major improvement from last year. Freshman Alyssa Erickson has stepped up for the girls’ team with a personal record of 24:20, while sophomore Collin Dulin is leading the boys’ team with a personal record of 19:41. Overall, the team has also dramatically improved their times, as the team has seen an average time improvement of a minute from the beginning of the season. The cross country team has two more meets before the HHC meet on Oct. 5, followed by sectionals on Oct. 12.

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New Heartland J-turn completed Wed, 18 Sep 2019 14:08:22 +0000 The intersection at SR 25 and CR 800 has been changed from a median to a J-turn. While there are still some construction cones and signs in the area, the new traffic pattern is open for use. Many drivers are upset with this abrupt change to the Hoosier Heartland; however, most motorists agree that something needed to be done.  Adam Parkhouse, the media relations director at the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) shed some light on what led to the new traffic pattern.

What was the idea behind the J turn?

“J-turns, also sometimes referred to as a median U-turn, are being installed at locations such as this as a device to increase safety. Though relatively new to Indiana and this part of the state in particular, they’ve been used successfully elsewhere in the country and are proven to reduce crashes and drastically reduce the number of fatal and injurious crashes. That’s definitely the key. We want people to be safer,” said Parkhouse.

Why was a J-turn chosen to solve the safety issues?

“J-turns help to increase safety by channelizing traffic so folks need to only deal with traffic one direction at a time, rather than waiting for a break one way, inching out into the median and then waiting for another break. In that way, J-turns essentially eliminate right-angle crashes and again, greatly lessen the severity of other types of crashes. For instance, a J-turn INDOT installed in Newton County on U.S. 41 back in 2015 has resulted in an 80 percent reduction in injury crashes, despite a 14 percent increase in traffic,”  Parkhouse said.


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